Internationally Certified Montessori Teacher Training


The first step to being a Montessori Teacher is to get Certified from a recognized Institution. The right and quality training equip the prospective teachers with all the necessary skills and techniques which helps them to guide, assist, and correct the kids in the classroom. It is very important to choose the right institution for the training program as it prepares the teacher for a diverse classroom teaching and deals with kids in their early stages.

As a Montessori Teacher, you are trained to guide the kids at their initial stages of life so that the children can know the right meaning of education and shape their perspective towards learning and engage themselves towards developing their own life.

Apart from getting trained and certified, there are also some other traits or attributes which a Montessori Teacher must take care of for a long-term successful career as a Montessori Teacher.

Here are the 7 Traits:

1. Passion:

You should be passionate enough to take up this responsibility. Not just for the sake of getting a rewarding job but to deal with the kids. You should have a desire to work with the kids who are in their early stages and require the utmost care and attention towards each activity.

2. Patience:

The Montessori Teachers deal with young kids and need to handle multiple situations. The teacher needs to look after various things inside the classroom such as the learning pace of each child, their activities, and the discipline and decorum of the classroom. Hence it is very important to be patient and calm to deal effectively with every situation.

3. Observation:

Each child differs from one another. Some may be able to grasp lessons quickly others may not. Some may be creative or innovative, others may not. The teacher should keep a keen observation on every child’s activity so that they can know which child requires more attention, guidance, and targets the specific lessons. Also effectively mentor those children to develop them.

4. Sets a good example:

Children tend to learn quickly by what they see and hear. The teachers can set a good example by treating each child with the utmost care, give attention, and show respect. Also, the teacher should try to channelize the curiosity of the children into productive ways so that the children learn that their opinion matters.

5. Become a link between the materials and children:

Montessori Education follows a different method of education. The teacher needs to know which materials are to be kept near the children, the arrangement of the materials in a logical order and should understand how, when, and where the presentation should take place.

6. Encourage Creativity:

The teachers keep observing the children and keep a record of their growth and development. And when the child is enthusiastic about something, the Montessori Teacher plans specialized teaching plans and goals which help the child to move towards new academic, social, and developmental achievements.

7. Relationship Building:

Apart from learning, kids should also learn relationship building. The teacher should develop a relationship between themselves and the kids and also encourage the kids to build relationships among the other kids in the classroom. This helps in developing social skills.

Being a Montessori Teacher is not a small task.

You work on improving and developing the lives of the children.

You create a better world for them!

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