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How to Become a Montessori Teacher?

The Montessori method of teaching is preferred by many schools for the kid’s primary education. It is called the Montessori Teaching method because it was proposed by an Italian Educator and doctor Maria Montessori, who did extensive research on children with special needs in the early twentieth century.

The major principle of the Montessori Teaching Method is every child should be respected. The child should not be disturbed while they are concentrating. The toddler should always get the freedom to make their own choices, to do things for themselves and learn from the choices they make. The teacher should always respect the students and should not confront them violently, a child’s activity should be observed and then the right kind of steps should be taken to resolve a child’s query.

The Montessori teaching method is based on the fact that a child is constantly learning from the environment around them. The children keep on absorbing the knowledge from the surrounding. The toddlers start using their mind to the full potential when they are learning from the environment because instead of being spoon-fed, they start observing and acquiring.

Our teaching method believes that there is always a right time for a kid to learn specific skills. These are known as sensitive periods and this period varies from child to child. In this sensitive period, a kid learns to write or read. In our Montessori Teacher’s Training, we train our teachers to identify these sensitive periods so that the child can shine.

We believe in making an environment rich for learning so that the kid can explore and prepare themselves to acquire the knowledge for the surrounding. We train our teachers to prepare the perfect learning environment for the kids that enables them to freely express themselves and learn in an independent environment.

Another principle that our Montessori Teacher’s Training Program promotes is the ability to self-learn. We ensure that the child is capable enough of educating themselves. The teachers provide inspiration, guidance, and encouragement to the child to educate themselves properly.

We train the budding teachers to be guide and encouragement without becoming an obstacle and involving themselves in their natural learning pattern. The Montessori Teacher acts as a facilitator and not a lecturer. Montessori Teachers believe in inspiring a child to learn and not in teaching the child. They provide the learning equipment that perfectly matches and goes well with the child’s learning environment. The teachers give full freedom to the child to learn the way they want, in their own space. Every kid deserves attention, and we make sure that by observing their behaviour, a teacher gets to know about all other emotional and physical capabilities. We train our teachers to channelise the kid’s energy into something meaningful.

Montessori Teachers are in great demand because of the approach they have towards a kid’s learning atmosphere. We at Happy Hours provide recognised Montessori Certification that helps you to work as a Montessori Teacher. This training program gives immense job satisfaction. To be a successful Montessori Teacher, one must believe in her philosophy too.

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