Internationally Certified Montessori Teacher Training


The Montessori Method of Education was developed by an Italian physician, Maria Montessori.

This method of Education is based on Self-Directed activity, hands-on-learning, where the children are given the freedom to pick the activities of their choice and are guided by highly trained and qualified Montessori Teachers. The teachers are trained to create the right environment for the kids so that the kids can develop themselves, and the students are encouraged to be independent, more creative and innovative, know their choices, and develop social, emotional, and intellectual skills.

A well-trained and qualified Montessori Teacher serves as a link between the kids and a Montessori Classroom. The teacher will guide the kids during their early phase of education by being a guide, observe and record their growth and development, and observe their behavior.

Starting in 2006, Happy Hours school has set up the 1st ever internationally certified Montessori Training center in Odisha. Over the last 14+ years, the training center has trained over 500+ pre-school teachers with the internationally accredited Montessori teachers training program.

The Montessori Training institute aims to provide the trainees with a structured framework to develop a high level of professional competence as teachers of the Montessori Method.

Who can avail of the Montessori Training Program by Happy Hours?
This Montessori Training Programme is for everyone willing to have meaning for their career. The training center not only trains the teachers to be future-ready but also supports with placement assistance.

1. Homemakers: Who aspires to have a rewarding job that helps them enhance their teaching abilities.

2. Graduated Students: Who would like to kick-start their most fulfilling teaching career.

3. Aspiring Teachers: Who would like to be successful pre-school teachers with the most advanced teaching skills.

4. Professionals: Who are looking for a career of purpose with a better work-life balance.

The greatest advantage of the Montessori Teachers Training at Happy Hours is to get Internationally Certified authentic Montessori Teachers Training right near your place at Bhubaneswar.

Be an Internationally Certified Teacher with us.

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